Five Reasons Why You Might Experience Tiredness After Eating

If you are experiencing tiredness after eating meals, and you find yourself asking the question Why am I so tired after eating, there are many different causes that could be to blame. Let’s consider the options to see what may be sending you down for that afternoon nap:

Poor Food Choices

For many people feeling tired after eating is simply a matter of the foods chosen. If you are eating meals with a high content of processed flours, simple carbohydrates, and sugars, then you will experience a small surge of energy followed by a crash in energy a couple hours later.

This is the easiest problem to fix because you can simply adjust the foods you choose to eat. Switch simple carbohydrates for complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and vegetables. And stay away from sugary foods as much as possible.

Food Allergies or intolerances

Some people just cannot physically handle particular foods. One common sign of an allergy is feeling very tired within a half hour of eating those foods. This is different from the typical energy crash you may experience after eating simple carbohydrates or foods that are filled with sugar. A food allergy may likely cause fatigue right after eating, within a half hour in most cases.

Other symptoms that typically warn of food allergies include constipation or diarrhea a day or two after eating particular foods (or rotating between diarrhea and constipation regularly) and excessive gas and stomach bloating.

Try to cut out foods that could be causing the problem for a week or longer. You cut out one food group at a time until you figure out what is creating the fatigue. There are also allergy tests that can be performed if you are convinced the problem is a food allergy.

Nutrient Deficiency

If you are deficient in vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are needed for your body to function at maximum capacity, you will experience more fatigue in general. This may start out as being very tired after you eat, but you will soon start noticing that you are fatigued a lot of the time even when you aren’t eating.

Another big sign of nutrient deficiencies is seeing undigested particles of food in your stool when you use the bathroom. This is a sign that your body simply is not breaking down the food and absorbing the nutrients into the system as it should. This may also be a symptom of leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

This is a condition where the intestinal lining passes more than just beneficial nutrients into the body. It gets worn down over time and becomes overstressed, thus reducing its capacity to work properly.

Besides feeling tired after eating, many sufferers will experience a wide range of gastro-intestinal side effects from this condition.


If you put too much food in your body at once it can give you a sluggish feeling as your body tries to process all of it through your system. If you think this may be the reason you are feeling tired after eating, consider counting calories for awhile as an exercise in relearning proper food portions.

Try to give your body well balanced meals rich in nutrients for a month and see if you start feeling less tired after eating.

Note that the main difference between many of these problems is the length of time it takes for you to start feeling tired after eating. If you are experiencing tiredness after eating as well as a general exhaustion at other times of the day, there could be other things causing your fatigue. Then make an effort to find out Why am I always tired?

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